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De prison is located on the earthen defensework 'Wolvenburg' which dated from approx. 1580. It was opened in 1856 and had a cross-shaped floor where from the central hall the 3 areas where prisoners were housed could be monitored. The prison area was surrounded by a prison wall and had 2 employee houses.

The prison was modernised around 1875 and 1900. After a period of disuse it was modernised and again used as a prison. During the 2nd World War the Germans used the prison. After the war (1951) Wolvenplein became a detention centre. In 2000 it was listed as a monument and renovated.

Closing and future

In June 2014 the last prisoners where transferred to other prison and Wolvenplein was closed. Until then it was the oldest prison in use in The Netherlands. Currently plans are being developed for the future use of this listed monument.

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